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Flat Plate Copper Collector

Flat Plate Copper Collector has been around for long time and it is most widely used type of solar thermal panel for domestic hot water supply.
Choice of material and design aspect can greatly affect not only solar thermal performance but also the reliability when operating in many varied environmental conditions. Our Flat Plate Copper Collector are made from only highest quality materials to ensure reliable, efficient operation and collector longevity


Toughened glass (glazing) protects the absorber from the outside environment while allowing through >90% of sunlight.


The insulation helps reduce heat loss from the sides and back of the collector. Made from ultra-light weight melamine foam this material is chosen to greatly reduce the weight of the collector.


A thin sheet of Aluminum/Copper is coated with a highly selective material (Blue Tech ETA Plus) that is extremely efficient at absorbing sunlight and converting it into usable heat. The aluminum sheet is ultrasonically welded to the copper riser pipes.

Back Sheet

An aluminum alloy sheet seals the back of the panel and adds to the rigidity of the collector

Header & Riser Pipes

The copper header and riser pipes are brazed together to form a harp shaped heat exchanger that the solar system heat transfer fluid circulates through.  The absorber sheet is ultrasonically welded to the riser pipes, thus transfers heat to the heat transfer fluid

Aluminum Rails

Extruded from high tensile 6063 aluminum alloy, the rails form the outer framework of the collector and are designed with wings for easy mounting frame attachment.


Solar Key mark, SRCC, SABS certified EN 12975-1, 2 ISO9806-1 .

Domestic Model FPCC water heaters come in different sizes. Generally, for a Nepali family it starts with 250 liters to 500 liters system. These systems are integrated systems of collectors and storage tanks.


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