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Best suited for high altitude/ freezing zones, heat tube collector represents third generation technology in solar water heater system which addresses all possible improvements to maximize efficiency. It is best type solar water heater for medium type application. Furthermore, Heat Tube type solar water heater is designed to suite the specific Nepalese conditions.


  • Collector is available in 15 Tube System, tank can be custom sized & designed.
  • Tank and collector can be splitted and installed in different location
  • Collector is suitable for both forced circulation and thermosiphon system
  • Meets all range of needs in domestic, commercial and industrial application as flexibility in sizing and designing is feasible.


Heat  Tube Collector
Heat Exchanging Material Copper Tube with Aluminum Fins
Tube Size 58 mm X 1800 mm
Absorbing Coating Tri element
Absorber Effective Length 1720 mm
Actual Effective Absorber Area 0.260 m²/ Tube
Glass Material Borosilicate Glass 33
Freezing Tolerance -30ºC
Hall Resistance Φ 25 mm
Stagnation Temperature 350 º C
Start Up Temp/ Start Up Time 25ºC/ 2 minutes under normal sunshine
Single Tube Weight ≥ 3.2 Kg
Confirming Standard EN 12975


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