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Designed to be best for hotels, hostels & hospitals A Solar Heat Pump Hybrid System (SHHS) is a machine that represents the integration of a Heat Pump and Thermal Solar Panels in a single integrated system. Typically these two technologies are used separately (or only placing them in parallel) to produce hot water. In this system the solar thermal panel performs the function of the low temperature heat source and the heat produced is used to feed the heat pump’s evaporator. The goal of this system is to get high COP and then produce energy in a more efficient and less expensive way.

It is possible to use any type of solar thermal panel (sheet and tubes, roll-bond, heat pipe, thermal plates in combination with the heat pump. The use of a hybrid panel is preferable because it allows covering a part of the electricity demand of the heat pump, reducing the power consumption and consequently the variable costs of the system.

Benefits of Solar Heat Pump Hybrid System

  1. Lower electric bills especially if you are replacing conventional electric geysers.
  2. Again, Lower electric bills in comparison to Solar Heat Pump Stand alone system because in hybrid system, solar will be prioritized and heat pump stay off if solar is heating required temperature. Fifty Percentages heating work will be done by solar and 50 % only by heat pump.  
  3. Big volume of water can be heated in short period of time.
  4. They are not affected much by rainy days and cloudy days. Can work in -10~ 43.
  5. Easy operation and keeps constant temperature for hot water. Heat pump water heaters adopt automatic intelligent control system. Only need to be set at the first time and they will run according to the setting in 24 hours.
  6. It is completely Safe and Eco-friendly technology. Water and electric are spit entirely in a heat pump water heater. No burning. No gas emission. Not affected by natural disasters.
  7. Long life spans. Low cost of maintenance. Solar Heat pump water heaters can work for 15 years or more.

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