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Product Above Competition

Scaling Free!

Have you ever learnt your water might be high in mineral content (hard water)? The hard water may cause build up or scaling of mineral (calcium) deposit in water running surfaces, which will reduce system performance and ultimately block the flow of water in the system.
They are dangerous to your solar/ heat pump water heating systems. The can be troublesome, expensive to descale or sometimes ruin the whole water system.
Since we believe in value addition to the product, we have invested in innovation and researched to provide you solution.
Our systems are Scale Free for always.

Remote Monitoring System!

How do you know your system is running healthy?
Do you love to see your system intelligent enough to tell you when it has problem?
Yes, our systems can do that.
You can see on your mobile phone, how system on your roof is performing.
Also, our technical team can diagnose the problem, from our office itself.
Is it amazing value addition to the product? So, our product is stood out and above the completion.

Hybrid for Savings!

We are not just Hybrid- putting two technologies (Solar-Heat Pump) together for no value.
Our Hybrid systems are brought together to provide significant fuel saving to customers!
So called hybrid systems in Nepali market have significant convection loss from solar collectors during nights, while Heat Pump keeps on running for long time resulting more electricity use.
We have controlled convection loss, and our Heat Pumps are prioritized second to Solar.
Meaning, using free energy first, and use electricity only to fulfill deficit requirement.

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