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Industrial solar heating systems can greatly reduce your company’s energy bills by allowing you to use the sun’s energy for free process water heating or space heating. Whether your business is small or large, solar heating systems can work for you. So, Why not install Solar water heater !

Many companies use hot water in their everyday operations especially for heating boiler feed water, large drying applications. Using oil, propane, Firewood, Diesel or electricity is an ever increasing cost to generate this hot water. So solar can help you save bigger operating cost.

Our Heat Tubes are able to generate water temperatures up to 80 degree Celsius and higher, and work in all ranges of weather and temperatures. A solar heating system will continually provide free hot water for decades to come – meaning no ever increasing costs. This immediately slashes your energy bills, meaning more profit every month.

They can effectively be used in any climate with little to no maintenance or operating costs. Normally, Industrial solar heating systems will contain a solar collectors – usually Heat Tube Collectors – a storage tank, and a set of pumps and controls to operate the system.


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