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Why Us?

Investment Made Easy!

Rent our systems first and own them within 5 years. No worries about making a big investment.

Here’s how it works

  1. Get in touch with us via email or call
  2. Our engineer will contact you shortly and fix a meeting.
  3. We take your daily energy demand and design a customized system according to your requirement.
  4. Provide you an offer with best price.
  5. Contract for renting the systems with only 25 % upfront investment, we take care of rest.
  6. Pay rent monthly and no extra maintenance cost added during renting period.
  7. Save money.

What do you get on ‘Rent to Own’ Scheme?

  • First use and pay rent amount.
  • Zero aftersales & maintenance cost.
  • See how system is performing on your mobile phones.
  • Own the system after renting period ends.
  • Trouble free and hot water always!

Experts in the sector!

We are dedicated to innovate in solar energy sector so our team of engineers is committed to deliver competitive service with excellence.
With more than seven years of dedication in the sector we have learnt by doing and we do by learning. We believe in change, so we always update ourselves and offer available new technologies in the market.

Trouble Free

When systems at your roof come to our ownership, maintenance & service becomes our sole responsibility. That means, we take care of everything technical until renting contract period ends.You don’t have to dwell about guarantee and warranty periods of different components. Just stay stress let the sun do the work!


We are not just Hybrid, putting two technologies (Solar-Heat Pump) together for no value. Our Hybrid systems are brought together to provide significant fuel saving to customers! So called hybrid systems in Nepali market have significant convection loss from solar collectors during nights, while Heat Pump keeps on running for long time resulting more electricity use.  We have controlled convection loss, and our Heat Pumps are prioritized second to Solar. Meaning, using free energy first, and use electricity only to fulfill deficit requirement.